Goal Setting

I have been an avid goal setter for over 20 years and have experienced the strength and purpose of why goal setting is vital.    I have also experienced the joy and benefits of watching my goals become a reality in my life.

Many of them took several years to manifest. Some of those years were grueling and very difficult.  It was during those difficult years that I learned the value of having my goals on paper and reviewing them at least once a month.  The regular review kept my belief system high and kept me focused on my purpose.

I realized that being committed to my goals was proof that I believed in what I was pursuing.  This was despite the fact that I did not seem to be reaching my goals in record time.

I also learned the importance of keeping my goals flexible.  If I would have failed in this I would have missed my greatest opportunities.  Like I said, the major goals of my life took over 20 years of persistence and patience.

Goals are defined as the successful end result of which strategy or effort is directed,  an objective indicating completion or accomplishment.

Here are a few steps for what I call “Goal Getters.”

1.     Goals help determine daily task.

  • They break the large-ness into smaller steps.
  • Success is the sum total of all small steps repeated day in and day out.

2.     Goals force us to focus our choices.

  • If you chase 2 rabbits both will get away.
  • Most people never fail for doing too little, but trying to do too much!

3.     Goals give us a way to measure our progress, or regress!

  • Goal getters must learn to keep doing some things and to stop doing others.
  • Goal getters may have to create a “stop to do” list.

Always remember goals without a deadline are only a wish.  Just remember to make your deadlines flexible.

Also, never confuse activity with accomplishment. Goals require both pursuit and strategy to see the end result.

I hope I have helped you  in some simple way.

Your comments are solicited and always helpful.

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Spoken Tweets

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Urgent or Necessary

Everyone knows this generation operates at a fast pace.  We have been convinced that  multi-tasking is good.  We build multi-purpose buildings and hire multi-use people. To say we are running fast is an understatement.  Life is just fast, and has multiple options, choices, and maybe I should add distractions.

One of my struggles as a leader is to determine what is necessary and most important. Most of us are familiar with the question; which is urgent and which is necessary? I have found that most of us struggle with the solution to this question.

I am of the philosophy that the urgent is rarely to control the necessary.

Fact is, the necessary is normally always the vital, and the urgent is constantly creating a  distraction.

Every morning I awake to the urgent and the necessary vying for control of my time and my choices.  I have found the urgent always seems more important.  The urgent normally brings short-term gain.  The urgent always has the greater emotional pull, and the urgent always creates an illusion of instant benefits.

The necessary are the deeper choices that bring the long-term benefits to your life.  A few examples of the necessary are exercise, personal development, spiritual growth, family wellness.  I will use exercise as my train of thought.

I normally exercise the first thing in the morning.  This choice is necessary because when I put it off, the demands of my day begin to consume my intention.  Every morning I awaken to the urgent.  Urgency screams clean the house, take out the trash,  load the washer, and more.

Are these things important? Yes.  But are they more important than the necessary? No!

If I choose the urgent things and fail to do the necessary, I miss the big picture.  You see, if I bow down to cleaning the house (urgent), and fail to exercise my body (necessary), eventually my health erodes and I lose the ability to keep my house clean.

I hope you can see the simplicity of the example. This can be applied to our spiritual life, personal development, or the well-being of our families.  If we live for the urgent, or by the demands of the urgent, we will miss the more important elements.

Take the time to look at your life, and determine if you are living for the urgent or the necessary?

I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

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The Power of Truth

The Power of Truth

What is truth?  Many never understand what truth is.  Many believe that truth is a feeling.  Many believe that truth is a circumstance.  Some believe that truth is relative.

I do not believe in relativism when it comes to truth.

If I were to ask you what is truth. How do you define truth?  It’s actually rather hard to define.

Truth is defined as: that which is natured in reality, inerrant, the absence of all that is untrue.

If I told you that the, that two plus two equals five, and I believed that two plus two equals five, and tell everyone that two plus two equals five, that does not make it true. No matter how much I believe that, and how much I say it, that’s not true.

Why is it not true? Because it’s not birthed in reality.

The Word of God is True

II Timothy3:16

”All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be,” thoroughly, “complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

The Word of God is true because it is birthed in reality and the source is real.  When we try to find truth without God we end in confusion. Because life has no beginning without it.  And truth has no source without God.

The Age of Tolerance

The tolerance movement seems to be tolerant to everything but Christianity.  Tolerance stands against truth or the knowledge of truth. Tolerance also tolerates everything except something or someone that takes a stand.

Tolerance accepts ignorance, praises passivity, and honors the oblivious.

I hope you will determine what you believe and peacefully take a personal stand.  I also hope you are always kind, but never allow the tolerance movement to silence your own convictions and the standards you choose.

I am never for being unkind or uncaring.  I do stand up for what I believe, and take a biblical stand for what I do not agree with.

Did you know that the Bible is true whether you believe it or not?  Did you know that God didn’t wait for you to read it and decide whether you think it’s true or not?  He wrote it before you were ever born?

Your responsibility is not to look at the Word of God and decide if you believe it.

Your opportunity is to read it and decide you absolutely believe it.

It is the first step to finding truth.  Begin with the source – The God of the Bible.

Truth awaits your arrival!

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Leadership is one of the topics that receives lots of press and penmanship. Many blogs on twitter and Facebook are leadership related. The truth is the topic is vast and has a huge audience since most of us are leaders on some level.

I wanted to talk about how leaders slip. Leading is a privilege and requires a lot of responsibility. There are days I do not feel like leading. These are the days I can make leader-slips. I will list a few leader-slips below.

1. Leaders slip when they fail to model leadership.

Leadership is something we do and are. Our personal lives must model the life we teach and we must realize that our influence grows when our life matches our message. Many leaders miss the importance of this, and solely stand on the slippery slope of position for influence.

2. Leaders slip when they fail to empower others

The organization I lead is currently in a growing stage that has caused me to realize I must empower others. As leaders we must realize that as we relinquish power we empower others and align the organization for increased growth.

When we give power away we increase production and the speed of which accomplishment can happen.

Growth occurs most in organizations where decision-making is shared.

3. Leaders slip where they fail to establish values

Someone said; values are the most significant contributor to consistent success.

Values are necessary in organizations of every size. They establish culture. They unite employees. They define priorities. They create a foundation for the vision and mission.

Values filter every decision and create a substructure for the vision of your company or church, and most of all values attract the people who are most important to you.

Come on leaders, I challenge you to avoid the leader-slips of leadership.

I hope these few things will assist you.

Your comments are always helpful and needed

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Thanksgiving is a holiday that is enjoyed but seems to be minimized in many ways. It touches many of the things Americans love most. Things such as; time off work, hanging out with family, and eating delicious food.

I am sure these things have to be in the top 5 things we love most. Adding football to the list is another top 5 for the guys and some of the ladies. I must say, that the Thanksgiving Holidays are some of the best days of the year for my family. We value waking up together, sharing a late breakfast, and heading off to the in-laws for a great turkey meal with all the trimmings.

We follow the meal with the annual “family fued” commonly known as dominoes.

If the weather is great many of the young kids and middle aged men throw around the football and team off for a backyard game. Each year I am reminded that I have only a few years left for this.

All of it is a part of the holiday we call thanksgiving. But the greatest thing about thanksgiving is; it reminds us to give thanks to our God who allows the joy of being together.

I am sure it would help us to give thanks more often.

Let’s consider giving thanks every day and maybe we could call that “ThanksLiving” rather than waiting for a day called Thanksgiving.

Remember to post your comments.

Pastor Tom


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