Perseverance Pays Off


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Because I thrive on serving and inspiring others, I have been a Pastor for over 25 years. I love being the husband of my wife, Charlotte, and the father of 3 great boys.
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5 Responses to Perseverance Pays Off

  1. Shanya Williams says:

    Thanks Pastor for this refreshing word. I so greatly needed it on this very day at this very moment! I’m moving forward and binding every thought of stopping in the name if JESUS!!!! I will mount up on wings as eagles, I shall run and not be weary, I shall walk and not faint!!! You are the most encouraging Pastor I ever had. God bless and keep you always!

  2. Pamela H. Bell says:

    I needed to hear your encouraging word.

  3. David Henry says:

    Great techno teaching tool and a timely word!

  4. Hope Harris says:

    Just keep going some mornings when I am out riding my bike on the trail. That is exactly what enters my mind just keep going.
    The heat makes it very challenging to want to do it oh but the rewards after are so worth it.
    It boils down to choices for me often it is the next right choice, but over and over I see the positive outcome of the next right choice and pressing on and keep going.

  5. I went back and listened to this and on this exact day I had the feeling of giving up and thinking was is next!!!? I just was thinking I couldn’t go on like this anymore… I specifically remember it was on the 11th It really brought tears to my eyes because later that day I got out of the flesh and got into the word and it told me the same thing don’t give up run the race set before me with endurance .. and that sometimes the greater the calling the greater the giants that you have to face… God gave you this word in the same time I was going through this… I feel like I am not the only person who had been feeling like this…the Lord is so amazing and so faithful .. Thanks again for being in tune!!~!

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