Set Your Day


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Because I thrive on serving and inspiring others, I have been a Pastor for over 25 years. I love being the husband of my wife, Charlotte, and the father of 3 great boys.
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6 Responses to Set Your Day

  1. David Henry says:

    Great wisdom and words of encouragement. Pastor Tom you are really using Twitter and these tech-blogs to keep the Truth out in front of your followers. I know I am benefitting from it. Thank you!

    • Lori says:

      Thanks Pastor Tom. I needed those words this morning because by 9:00 circumstances had started my day instead of me starting it with the power of the Holy Spirit.

  2. Pamela H. Bell says:

    I choose this day to sing Majesty, here I am humbled by your majesty, covered by the blood of the lamb, grace found me just as I am, empty handed but alive in your hand!! Sing Majesty~~~~~

  3. Shanya Williams says:

    Pastor Tom your teachings are absolutely brilliant and always timely relevant! The wisdom you give nourshes our hearts, we are always growing and you are definitely a daily vitamin to me! Awesome…Thanks!


  4. Ray Coates says:

    Yep – two peas in a pod. I begin my days the same way. That’s why I’m able to say “Outstanding!” everytime someone asks me, “How’s it going?”. I appreciate your openness and your fighting spirit. We may get knocked down, but we don’t have to stay down. My motto – We’re in a battle – if you get knocked down, get up and continue fighting until you get the victory. Keep on encouraging us with the truth, my brother.

  5. Sydney Sava says:

    Seen your website via msn the other day and absolutely love it. Continue the great work.

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