About pastortom2022

Because I thrive on serving and inspiring others, I have been a Pastor for over 25 years. I love being the husband of my wife, Charlotte, and the father of 3 great boys.
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2 Responses to Re-Create

  1. revtrev says:

    Once again great thoughts. I find my creativity flows when I stand up and walk around…often it’s in the bathroom. When I really need a creativity to flow it’s either waiting on God or going for a walk that does it.

  2. Scott Grizzle says:

    Good thoughts today! I regularly experience both methodologies of developing my creativity; inspiration that comes to me as well as spring-boarding off of other’s ideas that spark creativity in me. One of the greatest things I’m learning is something you said the other day. That is, putting a demand on ourselves to simply create is probably the single most important part. Without demanding if from ourselves, it simply won’t happen. Thanks again for the nugget!

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