God does not always make sense.  In making decisions our normal routine would be to use our human senses as factors to determine truth or error,

But when it comes to us obeying God these senses may not make sense.

God asked his people to obey commands that do not always flow well with normal living.  In the book of Genesis He asked Abraham to leave his family and just head out to a land that God did not fully disclose the whereabouts.

This is unusual and would require a certain level of faith.

I wonder how Abraham explained that to his wife?

God asked Joshua to walk around a city for seven days and SHOUT and the walls would just fall down.  This truly makes no sense and requires a strong level of “no-sense” faith.

Obedience is sometimes non-sense!  I hope you get the play on words.  It requires a certain non-sense to obey the one true God of the bible.

I am not suggesting that we blindly follow everything we feel or hear.  I also truly believe in testing what we hear by the word of God and acquiring wise counsel.

But I also have personally experience those times where God asked me to simply “obey.”  This has not always made sense and stretched my faith and strained my human senses.

God’s obedience requires:

  1. Absolute Trust – When God is asking for something unusual or uncommon it will require that we lay down our self-protective ways and absolutely trust Him!
  2. Absolute Compliance – Several people in the Bible decided to adjust what God had asked them to do.  Saul was a perfect example of someone who added reasoning to God’s command. He could not get beyond the fact that it was non-sense!
  3. Absolute Reward – Everyone in scripture who absolutely obeyed God’s unusual commands received God’s unusual reward. God rewards absolute obedience!

Has God ask you to do something that seems strange?

Have you ever had to do a non-sense thing for God?

It may be non-sense, but God knows best!

As always your comments are encouraged and appreciated.  Maybe you will want to share a story of those times where God gave you a non-sense thing to do.  Love to hear from you!

Pastor Tom


About pastortom2022

Because I thrive on serving and inspiring others, I have been a Pastor for over 25 years. I love being the husband of my wife, Charlotte, and the father of 3 great boys.
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