Leadership is one of the topics that receives lots of press and penmanship. Many blogs on twitter and Facebook are leadership related. The truth is the topic is vast and has a huge audience since most of us are leaders on some level.

I wanted to talk about how leaders slip. Leading is a privilege and requires a lot of responsibility. There are days I do not feel like leading. These are the days I can make leader-slips. I will list a few leader-slips below.

1. Leaders slip when they fail to model leadership.

Leadership is something we do and are. Our personal lives must model the life we teach and we must realize that our influence grows when our life matches our message. Many leaders miss the importance of this, and solely stand on the slippery slope of position for influence.

2. Leaders slip when they fail to empower others

The organization I lead is currently in a growing stage that has caused me to realize I must empower others. As leaders we must realize that as we relinquish power we empower others and align the organization for increased growth.

When we give power away we increase production and the speed of which accomplishment can happen.

Growth occurs most in organizations where decision-making is shared.

3. Leaders slip where they fail to establish values

Someone said; values are the most significant contributor to consistent success.

Values are necessary in organizations of every size. They establish culture. They unite employees. They define priorities. They create a foundation for the vision and mission.

Values filter every decision and create a substructure for the vision of your company or church, and most of all values attract the people who are most important to you.

Come on leaders, I challenge you to avoid the leader-slips of leadership.

I hope these few things will assist you.

Your comments are always helpful and needed


About pastortom2022

Because I thrive on serving and inspiring others, I have been a Pastor for over 25 years. I love being the husband of my wife, Charlotte, and the father of 3 great boys.
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One Response to Leaderslips

  1. Danny Baker says:

    Good words from our Pastor. Leadership is more about responsibility than power. A good leader must first be a great servant.

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