Goal Setting

I have been an avid goal setter for over 20 years and have experienced the strength and purpose of why goal setting is vital.    I have also experienced the joy and benefits of watching my goals become a reality in my life.

Many of them took several years to manifest. Some of those years were grueling and very difficult.  It was during those difficult years that I learned the value of having my goals on paper and reviewing them at least once a month.  The regular review kept my belief system high and kept me focused on my purpose.

I realized that being committed to my goals was proof that I believed in what I was pursuing.  This was despite the fact that I did not seem to be reaching my goals in record time.

I also learned the importance of keeping my goals flexible.  If I would have failed in this I would have missed my greatest opportunities.  Like I said, the major goals of my life took over 20 years of persistence and patience.

Goals are defined as the successful end result of which strategy or effort is directed,  an objective indicating completion or accomplishment.

Here are a few steps for what I call “Goal Getters.”

1.     Goals help determine daily task.

  • They break the large-ness into smaller steps.
  • Success is the sum total of all small steps repeated day in and day out.

2.     Goals force us to focus our choices.

  • If you chase 2 rabbits both will get away.
  • Most people never fail for doing too little, but trying to do too much!

3.     Goals give us a way to measure our progress, or regress!

  • Goal getters must learn to keep doing some things and to stop doing others.
  • Goal getters may have to create a “stop to do” list.

Always remember goals without a deadline are only a wish.  Just remember to make your deadlines flexible.

Also, never confuse activity with accomplishment. Goals require both pursuit and strategy to see the end result.

I hope I have helped you  in some simple way.

Your comments are solicited and always helpful.


About pastortom2022

Because I thrive on serving and inspiring others, I have been a Pastor for over 25 years. I love being the husband of my wife, Charlotte, and the father of 3 great boys.
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3 Responses to Goal Setting

  1. Jeff Carson says:

    This is a great blog that so many need to read. It is one of those things that is completely overlooked until someone points to its importance – then all of the sudden it is both center stage, obvious, and clearly neglected. I am with Phillip. I am once again challenged to set clear goals for the future. Thanks for this.


  2. A great and timely word Pastor Tom.

  3. olgahermans says:

    Goals and vision make us look at the future and want to work towards it. Thanks you and YES Goals are important!

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